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 About Expense Report Wizard

Expense Report Wizard is the ideal web-based expense management solution for individuals and businesses in need of a comprehensive tool which is easy-to-use, easy-to-manage and cost-effective. Expense reports are available from any machine with an internet connection and can be fully customized.

Expense Report Wizard is a subscription-based online service that lets you create and manage your expense reports with almost no effort, saving you time, and money. Expense Report Wizard will help you Get your money back faster!(tm)

Expense Report Wizard is the fastest and easiest way to automatically create your expense reports, using your PDA or cell phone. Enter your expenses wherever and whenever you want using our easy-to-use Expense Recorder software. Then, when it's convenient, submit your expenses for processing, and your expense report(s) are automatically created for you -- ready to send to your clients or employer for approval and reimbursment.

Subscription includes :

  • Unlimited use of the service
  • All Expense Recorder software & updates
  • Unlimited E-mail and web site support

Expense Report Wizard Benefits :

  • No complicated server or infrastructure requirements
  • Simple, easy-to-use software for recording expenses
  • Global accesibility of your expense reports
  • Desktop computer not required

Getting up and running with Expense Report Wizard is fast, and easy. Sign-up for an account, select your billing terms or enter your promo code, install the Expense Recorder software, and go!

System Features:

  • On-line and off-line expense item entry
  • Customizable Categories
  • Standard Expenses and Calculated Expenses (ie. Mileage)
  • Single Employer and/or multiple Client Tracking
  • Unlimited Project/Trip Tracking
  • Cost Center Tracking
  • International Currency Support with Transparent Conversions
  • XML, HTML, Word, Excel, Text, and other report formats
  • No complicated desktop or server requirements
  • And much more!

Expense Report Wizard is a software service provided by Neutronix, a software development and consulting company operating out of Portland, Oregon. Founded in 1997, Neutronix has been providing quality business software products and solutions for over 7 years. For more information about Neutronix, visit

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